The 22nd Israeli Annual International Storytelling Festival 24 of September - 5 of October 2015

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International Storytelling Festival - Amsterdam 2012

Storytellers from UK and Canda will perform on the 17th Annual Storytelling Festival

Good news for you, Israelis living abroad!!! the Israel Storytelling Festival is on tv on the Israeli Channel

One way ticket - a new show

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17th Annual Storytelling Festival hosts international story tellers

  Yossi Alfi - Storytelling Shows, Lectures, Courses & Workshops

Yossi Alfi
Storytelling Shows, Lectures, Courses & Workshops

Yossi Alfi is a well-known Israeli storyteller, author and director. he is the founder and artistic director of the annual Israeli international storytelling festival, a high profile event that draws a large Israeli audience for the past 21 years.
Yossi performs and lectures both in English and Hebrew and has a repertoire that attracts versatile audiences around the world.



 An Evening with Yossi Alfi in Sacramento, California:



A letter from Rabbi Mona Alfi


The Storyteller with Yossi Alfi | TZUZAMEN:


Talented storyteller Yossi Alfi enlightens Tzuzamen with his knowledge and tells a tale surrounding the diversity of Jewish identity and the complications it went through over the years both in and out of Israel.



Storytelling Shows

Yossi Alfi has a sweeping repertoire of stories and his performances address a broad range of topics, such as identity, personal narratives, travel, peace and many more.
Yossi Alfi has a unique life story that reflects in his stories, beginning in a voyage of a three year old child in 1949 fleeing to Israel from Iraq with his grandmother.
Yossi has been a performer from a young age. at the early age of 16 he already directed and taught theatre at schools. he studied at lamda - the london academy of music and dramatic arts, and since then has been a known Israeli actor, director and storyteller.

Yossi is a prominent storyteller, author and poet whose storytelling television shows are broadcasted in israel and on the “Israeli channel” in the u.s and europe.
Yossi has published over 20 books of non-fiction, poetry, prose and childrens books and is a writer of stories, plays and screenplays.
Yossi flavors his stories with comedy and humor that characterize his unique storytelling style. audiences of young and old have identified with the colorful characters that populate Yossi’s world. the stories are characterized by moving deions and universal humor that bridges all cultures.

Yossi has performed around the world; in thailand, singapore, europe and the united states.
Yossis stories are humorous and enlightening.
Be prepared for a twist at the end !

Storytelling Courses and Workshops
In addition to his storytelling work, Yossi has extensive experience as a teacher (see attached cv) and can combine his shows with workshops and courses.

Storytelling Course

Course Program:

  • the personal story.
  • editing stories.
  • the written story.
  • the audience and the charismatic storyteller.
  • how to prepare a storytelling show.
  • the story as a one-person show.
  • the heart of the story.

Storytelling Workshop

The storytelling workshop uses special techniques created by Yossi that enable students to tell and act out stories and entertain their families, colleagues and clients.
The workshop may be used towards forming group dynamics in the workplace. it is suitable for teachers, social workers, professional and amateur storytellers, community leaders, counselors etc.
The group can be homogonous or diverse, as people of all ages, from students to senior citizens, can benefit greatly from the workshop.

Workshops can be held on subjects such as:

  • The personal story
  • The interaction between an author and a storyteller
  • Interactive improvisations simulating an audience
  • The audience and the charismatic storyteller.
  • How to prepare a storytelling event.

* Workshops can be held on specific subjects requested by the client

* There are unlimited opportunities for questions throughout the workshop

Lectures on Storytelling

Yossi Alfi lectures on the use of storytelling as a tool for community leadership and on how mastering the technique of storytelling can benefit leaders in their communities.
the story is a travelling mechanism, where the audience travels through a cathartic experience. the meaning of the story lies in its ability to create a different place and time and a different experience of involvement and participation.

Yossi lectures on the foundation of the story and the storytellers experience and his or her place as a leader. Yossi tells stories throughout the lecture that demonstrate the theoretical aspects he discusses.

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